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What is biomethane?  How is it generated?  Why build a plant? What does it give us?

We invite you to  know more about the world of biomethane

A few pills to move on

What is biogas?

Biogas is a natural, non-fossil fuel with a high calorific value that depends on the content of methane gas (CH4).

It is obtained from the anaerobic digestion of biodegradable organic materials mainly from livestock manure, sewage sludge and wastewater, waste from the agri-food industry or from the organic fraction of municipal waste, etc.


What happens next?

Once the biomethane is obtained, we have a fuel  substitute for natural gas, as a source of electricity or heat,  as a vehicle propellant  or as raw material for the generation of renewable Hydrogen.


How does a biogas plant work?

There is no plant type  since they are built based on the combination of conditions.

  • What type of waste is going to be used?

  • Is there a network connection?

  • Is there availability of land that does not condition the implementation?

  • Is there availability of land where to apply the digestate?

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