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Our main mission is "WASTE TO ENERGY", seeking innovative solutions to convert waste into sustainable energy sources.


Our purpose is to actively contribute to the transition towards renewable and sustainable energy sources, and we are committed to creating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future.

We are passionate about our mission and we are excited about the idea of collaborating in promoting the energy transition through the Circular Economy. 

We ensure that the design of our facilities meets 2 key premises:  maximize  energy production with minimal environmental impact

Union make force

Our company is made up of an elite group with extensive experience in the field.  This group is joined by professionals from other fields to form together a great work team.

We bring your project to fruition. We provide mediation services to facilitate the implementation process of biogas plants. We take care of project management, supplier coordination, regulatory procedures and any aspect related to the planning and successful execution of your project.

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